Storm damage?

Storm damages to all kinds of different metal surfaces can be repaired by us in a professional way

MR Cladding Repair is your specialist for facade damage repair

Storm damage

Storm damage, hail damage and fire damage

Mainly during summer heavy rain showers and storms together with hail and have gusts of wind are very common. When the wind blows against the facade of the business premisses, hailstones will scourge the surface of your cladding.

Most of the time you are insured for storm damage, besides repairing is financially more interesting then switching panels. Repairing will also cause less nuisance compared to switching damaged panels.

When panels are switched for new ones a colour difference will appear between the old and the new panels. Also your roof or facade will be open temporarily when panels must be switched.

During storms it is also possible that damage may occur by objects blown loose lie flashings, solar panels, windshields, blown down fences, panels, wicket doors which are blown open, billboards blown loose etc.

We can restore your facade completely and when we are done your building will look as new, without switching panels.

A fire may occur because of a lightning strike or a short circuit, which will cause fire damage.
Switching panels is not always possible. That is why we have developed a special routine for preparation of your facade. Then we can provide your facade with a new and sustainable coating.

MR Cladding Repair, your specialist in repairing storm damage, hail damage and fire damage to all types of cladding, whether you have insulated sandwich panels or metal profiles and plastisol or prisma metallic RAL 9006 and RAL 9007.

repair storm damage to business premises

What other damages do we rapair

Facade damages

Collision damage, a spitter which is cut wrong or scratches in window frames, we repair everything professionally

Burglary damage

We can repair burglary damage on your business premises or store in a professional way

Cleanrooms & foodsafe

For coating cold stores and freezer rooms we use a special Food Safe coating

Other services

Roof and facade cladding

We will provide your business premises or facade with a new and fresh coating in a professional way

Corrosion and rust

We can repair corrosion and rust in a professional way

Sandwich Panels

We are able to create colours on the jobsite so we will always meet your demands


Sometimes replacing cladding and flashing is the best option because repairing is not possible