Burglary damage?

We repair burglary damage in a professional way

MR Cladding Repair is your specialist for facade damage repair

Burglary damage

Burglary damage, repairing and replacing damaged sandwich panels

We repair burglary damages to:

  • Cladding
  • Flashings
  • Overhead doors and wicket doors
  • Frames
  • Stores
  • Business premises
  • Multi-company buildings

Burglary damages are being repaired by our specialized employees in a professional matter. When for instance a piece of a panel has been cut through for burglars to get inside, we can replace the panel for a new one.

When the burglary damage is too big to repair, we can replace the damaged panel for a new one. After we have done that, we will coat the panel using the present coating and colour.

In every case of damage caused by a burglary we have a method to solve the damage and repair the facade panel to a pristine condition.

repair burglary damage to business premises

What other damages do we repair?

Facade damages

Collision damage, a spitter which is cut wrong or scratches in window frames, we repair everything professionally

Cleanrooms & Food safe

For coating cold stores and freezer rooms we use a special Food Safe coating

Storm damage

We can fully repair a facade without the exchange of panels

Other services

Roof and facade cladding

We will provide your business premises or facade with a new and fresh coating in a professional way

Corrosion and rust

We can repair corrosion and rust in a professional way

Sandwich panels

We are able to create colours on the jobsite so we will always meet your demands


Sometimes replacing cladding and flashing is the best option because repairing is not possible