Roof and facade cladding

We can provide your business premises or facade with a new and fresh coating in a professional way

MR Cladding Repair is your specialist for facade damage repair

Roof and facade panels

Restyling and refinishing of weathered roof and facade panels

Throughout the years your facade has to endure a lot which may cause a weathered coating of your business premises.
Countless factors can influence your facade, like UV radiation from the sun combined with the salty air along the coast.

When you decide to refinish the facade of your premises we will clean the weathered top layer in a industrial way, we will repair any potential corrosion and after that we will provide your premises with a high quality coating which will give your company a new and fresh appearance.

We are able to refinish your business premises with any existing RAL colour or for instance in multiple colours to make your premises stand out.


  • Restyling is more efficient then new panels
  • High quality coating
  • Fast processing
  • Provide your business premises with fresh and new appearance
repair roof and facade damage to your business premisses

What other restyling do we do?

Corrosion and rust

We are able to remove corrosion in a professional matter

Sandwich panels

We are able to make any colour on site to meet the requested result


When repair is not possible we will replace your panels or flashing

Other services

Burglary damage

We can repair burglary damage on your business premises or store in a professional way

Storm damage

We can fully repair a facade without the exchange of panels

Construction damage

Mr Cladding Repair is your specialist in repairing construction damage swiftly and with quality

Facade damages

Mr Cladding Repair for all your damage repair from dents and scratches to roof and facade panels