Your specialist in cladding repair, restyling and spray jobs

Cladding repair

Mr Cladding Repair, your specialist in cladding repair, restyling of your business premises and spray jobs

Damage repair

Thanks to our many years of experience, no damage is too complicated and no colour is impossible

Restyling of your business premises

We professionally provide your business premises or facade with a new, fresh and durable coating

Blistering and chemical indents

Repairing blistering in sandwich panels

Construction damage to your business premises?

No damage is too complicated for us and no colour is impossible


Your specialist in cladding repair, restyling and spray jobs.

Damage repair of cladding, restyling your business premises and spray jobs.

  • Damage repair of insulated panels, window frames, overhead doors, wicket doors, facade cassettes, roof plating, damage to advertising signs, aluminium facades/cladding.
  • Restyling of your (weathered) business premises.
  • Refinishing wall and roof cladding, for instance in case of a colour difference because panels are switched or delivered late.

With over 20 years of experience in aluminium and steel surface repair MR Cladding Repair we have the tools and knowledge to handle any repair request.

We only work with certified products from the industrial, automotive and food safe industries. That’s why we stand for quality. We can guarantee the best results and a long lifespan.

Cladding repair consists of:

  • Damage repair on sandwich panels, metal profiles, assembly damage, glue residue, graffiti removal etc.
  • Building damages: assembly damages, concrete speckles, cement veil, pu foam residue, collision damage, a backorder of sandwich panels in a different tone/colour, rust, paint damage, scratches, affected paint etc.

Restyling if your business premises:

  • Corporate identity adjustments
  • Industrial cleaning of weathered coating/paint and applying a new sustainable coating
  • Refinishing overhead doors, wicket doors, buoys, facade parts, masonry walls, concrete walls, roof panels etc.
  • Removal of loosening coating/ delaminating plastisol and applying a new coating.

Spray jobs:

  • Spraying panels, flashings, cold store, cold store doors, freezer rooms, clean rooms, inside cladding, facade elements etc.

Not only the functionality of your business premises is important, your building also represents your company and you want it to be representative. Damage like dents or scratches can be an eyesore.
We are able to repair damaged cladding in a professional way for you, both domestic and abroad.
MR Cladding Repair is your partner for every damage case.

MR Cladding Repair

cladding repair
Restyling business premises
Restyling business premises

Our services

Damage repair

No damage is too complicated for us and every colour is possible. We guarantee the best results.


We will provide your business premises or facade with a new and fresh coating in a professional way.


Because of our lifelong experience we can prepare an accurate valuation report on short notice.


Sometimes replacing cladding and flashing is the best option because repairing is not possible.

Why choose for us


Professional work


Transparent and service oriented

cladding repair

Quality and sustainability


Innovation and development


Facade damages

Collision damage, a spitter which is cut wrong or scratches in window frames, we repair everything professionally.

Burglary damage

We can repair burglary damage on your business premises or store in a professional way

Cleanrooms & Food safe

For coating cold stores and freezer rooms we use a special Food Safe coating

Storm damage

We can fully repair a facade without the exchange of panels

MR Cladding Repair Your specialist in cladding repair