We apply a new coating and we stop the delamination process

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Delamination, loosening coating and plastisol

Delamination is the process of a coating (plastisol) detaching from de cladding. It can occur that the (outdated) coating of your facade of roof cladding detaches from the panels. Once this process has started it will worsen until large parts of de coating will come off the facade and will end up in the rain gutter or the direct surroundings.

Plastisol contains oils and softeners which will dry out over time under the influence of sun and weather. The structure of this outdated plastisol can be compared with the structure of a sponge. Whenever the weather gets a grip on it, the delamination process will accelerate.

We remove the loosening coating and apply a new coating of a high and sustainable quality, to make your roof and facade look as new.

Ask for the possibilities of repairing and respraying of delaminating coatings:

prevent delamination at your business premises

Other services

Facade damages

Collision damage, a spitter which is cut wrong or scratches in window frames, we repair everything professionally

Storm damage

We can fully repair a facade without the exchange of panels

Burglary damage

We can repair burglary damage on your business premises or store in a professional way

Other services

Roof and facade cladding

We will provide your business premises or facade with a new and fresh coating in a professional way

Corrosion and rust

We can repair corrosion and rust in a professional way

Sandwich Panels

We are able to create colours on the jobsite so we will always meet your demands


Sometimes replacing cladding and flashing is the best option because repairing is not possible