Blisters and chemical indents

We repair blistering and other imperfections to your cladding

MR Cladding Repair is your specialist for facade damage repair

Blisters and chemical indents

Repair of blistering and curvatures in insulated panels

Through (among other things) thermal influences it can occur that the skin of a panel becomes detached from the insulation layer. This is called blistering. We master skills and we have the tools to fixate the skin to the insulated layer, which will solve the blistering problem.

Curvatures and other imperfections can be repaired the professionals of MR Cladding Repair. We can make your insulated panels look as new.

MR Cladding Repair repairs:

  • Blisters and Chemical Indents
  • Curvatures
  • Bumps in sandwich panels
  • Imperfections and damages to panels

Curvatures will be, when necessary, fixated and the repaired as it were a dent or scratch dent. The repairment will then be spray painted to match the existing coating and colour. Your facade will look good after our treatment.

Are you curious about our methods and repairments of damages to our insulated panels?

Blisters and chemical indents

What other damages we do repair

Facade damages

Collision damage, a spitter which is cut wrong or scratches in window frames, we repair everything professionally

Burglary damage

We can repair burglary damage on your business premises or store in a professional way

Cleanrooms and foodsafe

We have a special Food-Safe coating for coatings in, for example, cold stores and freezer cells

Other services

Roof and facade cladding

We will provide your business premises or facade with a new and fresh coating in a professional way

Corrosion and rust

We can repair corrosion and rust in a professional way

Sandwich panels

We are able to create colours on the jobsite so we will always meet your demands


Sometimes replacing cladding and flashing is the best option because repairing is not possible